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The Story Behind the Logo

Part 1 in a two-part posting on what our logo means and where it came from.

I knew the site needed a logo—well, okay, it didn’t need one, but having one seemed like a cool idea. (Actually, I had this inner drive to find one. I wasn’t sure where that drive came from—but it was there.)

After several attempts to come up with something myself, the task seemed hopeless. Questions to a couple of friends who are graphic artists were asked, but nothing panned out. While surfing the Web, a story popped out in which the site owner said everything came together according to synchronicity—their company name, logo, and so on—in a day. I felt jealous and wondered why it wasn’t so easy for me.

So, I practiced what I preach. When you’re frustrated, jealous, resentful, or any other negative emotion: first, you tell yourself to slow down; second, you take a deep breath; then, as you exhale, say “thank you” repeatedly. Give up trying to control the situation, stop trying to “make” it happen, submit your intention to Heaven, and just be grateful. I gave up control, rested peacefully for several minutes in simple gratitude, knowing that the inspiration would come to me. After that short interlude of bliss, I did what any other red-blooded person would do: I looked for logo on the Internet!

After surfing through several sites, I decided to do a search on Native American symbols for (as you might guess) “spiritual freedom.” One of the first sites I landed on was about symbols from the Star Nation (another subject for later). This page led me to the two symbols below. Each symbol is provided with the description by the author, Standing Elk.

This specific design in its horizontal position represents the Universal Law of Free Will. No one shall control another’s physical, mental, emotional, sexual or spiritual essence. The repercussions of this violation result in decades and centuries of misplaced balance that affects the harmony of the universe and generates reincarnated souls that need to correct karma, which is needed for the continued existence of humankind. All philosophical and spiritual people may have many translations of this symbol according to their mental growth, but the result of each message will remain the same.

This design in its vertical postion represents the Spiritual Freedom of Humanity, the right to choose one’s path in life, the right to choose between the Red Road and the Black Road, the right to choose a walk that is a steady road to higher spiritual growth or the right to choose the opposite, which would result in moral degradation for the human spirit. The representation of the adjacent road shows that there is always a choice and a chance to change.

These two jumped out at me. I waded through the other symbols, but kept returning to these two. They both described my views exactly! All of my life lessons and experiences can be summed up in the concepts of non-interference and free will.

As I contemplated that night on which symbol to use, it came to me to create my own based on one design, but use both meanings. Everything came together. The design of the logo just flowed, took a very short amount of time, and voila! It came about so easily, like it was begging to create itself. When everything comes together, you know it is meant to be.