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Breaking Their Will | A book about religious child maltreatment

Along with discussions of high-control groups and religious authoritarianism, we must not forget the children.

While the impact on grown adults is bad enough, the long-term effects on children who grow up in such environments is devastating.

Fortunately, Janet Heimlich—a former freelance reporter for National Public Radio and winner of nine journalism awards—spent three years researching and writing her book, Breaking Their Will. Her work is a much-needed, thorough investigation about this hitherto ignored evil, for which she has coined the new phrase religious child maltreatment.

She also has a YouTube channel that promotes her book and presentations she’s given. One short video was particularly interesting, as she describes the “perfect storm” of characteristics that determine whether a religious environment is authoritarian: When are children most at risk for religious child abuse and neglect?

I ordered the book today. I will write again about the subject after I have read it.