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The Meaning Behind the Logo

Part 2 in a two-part posting on what our logo means and where it came from.

As mentioned in Part 1, the logo is based on a symbol that represents “the right to choose one’s path in life,” especially your spiritual path.

The horizontal line represents our earthly journey, our life upon this planet.

The upward line represents our spiritual journey, or as Standing Elk put it, our “walk that is a steady road to higher spiritual growth.”

The intersection of the two lines represents that moment when we realize there is more to this life than just living. It is the moment when we feel, as Dr. Wayne Dyer puts it, the shift from living a life of ambition to a life of meaning. It also represents that moment when one can see that even well-meaning religion can be flat unless you have a personal connection to our Source of Being. To me, it also represents our free will when we use it to make the right choice—the choice to come out from under some person or organization that has controlled our “physical, mental, emotional, sexual or spiritual essence.”

The second upward line—the one to the left of our upward, spiritual journey—is our spiritual support, that which we cannot see yet feel its love and guidance as we journey farther to fulfill our destiny, our purpose. None of us totally understand the spiritual realm, so our spiritual support is called many things: God, our Higher Power, our higher self, our true self, our holy spirit, the Holy Spirit, our angels, our spirit guides, and those who have passed on but still give us signs of their love & support. It may be only one of those things or it may be all of them; the point is, it’s there. You can feel it, and it is as much a part of our spiritual growth as that which we overcome ourselves.

The two rising lines also extend beyond the blue oval to represent our breaking free of the perceived limitations of life on this earth. We should think beyond this life, towards the eternal, to a higher place.

Finally, the blue background, which is dark starting in the lower left corner, dissolves as we journey upward and move towards the light of truth, peace, and fulfillment.

As Standing Elk said, “The representation of the adjacent road shows that there is always a choice and a chance to change.”